Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance 

NW_IM_!The backbone of the company is its testing laboratory where all the Raw Materials and Finished Goods are tested according to their standards and specifications. The laboratory is divided into three sections, Chemical Analysis, Instrumental Analysis and Microbiological Analysis. In Chemical Analysis section the Raw Material’s chemical compositions are determined (Assay).

In Instrumental Analysis lab the material is checked for physical properties such as Specific Gravity, Refractive Index, Optical rotation, stability at different temperatures, pH, Moisture content, distillation range, (fractions), dilution stability etc. Microbiology lab, which is the most important part of a disinfectant manufacturing industry aids in testing the germicidal value (raw material and finished goods), or the capacity of the disinfectants manufactured to kill / destroy the micro-organisms.


This test is carried out on live strains of two types of Pathogenic Bacteria namely, Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella typhi. These two strains of Pathogenic Bacteria are maintained in continuous generations for testing purpose and are obtained from Govt. approved Laboratories.

The R&D section is incorporated in the laboratory which works constantly on the improvement of the products and introduction of new products with a variety of applications. The development of White Disinfectant Fluid Grade 1, RWC 18 which is soluble in Hardwater and Seawater is a result of this section which with its constant endeavour has developed it to international standards.


The finished products are packed in Glass bottles, Plastic Jerry cans and these are packed in corrugated cartons of suitable ply to reach the destination safely. The products are colour marked for easy identification and to avoid mix up. The goods are released into the market for sale only after they have been certified to comply with all the prescribed standards of quality by the quality control laboratory. Two packs of each batch are stored at the laboratory to periodically check the quality on passage of time upto its specified expiry date and thereafter.

The company has a good network of material despatch system supported by a fleet of delivery vehicles and approved transporters. Best of communication systems are installed to track the movement of goods and compliance of schedule and requirements of the consumer and dealer.

The condition of goods on receipt is monitored regularly and their packing and forwarding procedures are modified to give better service to consumer/dealer.