Products and Their Uses

Products and Their Uses

The company manufactures and markets a variety of products, the products manufactured include Disinfectant Black Fluids (Phenyle) Disinfectant White Fluids, Antiseptics, Lysol and Surgical Spirit, the range of Disinfectants manufactured is vast to meet the requirements of different places of use. The Black/White Disinfectants are manufactured in characteristic phenolic and perfumed or scented forms.

Grade 1 RWC min 18
Grade 2 RWC min 10
Grade 3 RWC min 5

Higher the RWC greater the germicidal value of the material where RWC 1 corresponds to the disinfection value of Carbolic Acid (phenol) which is taken as 1 and hence RWC 5 is equivalent to 5 times stronger than the Carbolic acid which was used as a disinfectant in the earlier days. The quality of Disinfectant (Phenyle) is judged apart from its germicidal value (RWC) by its physical properties such as homogeneity where no layers or sedimentation are observed in the bottle and on dissolution.

In water it must give a translucent, milky white solution without any oil droplet on the top and undissolved tar droplets at the bottom and should not leave any stains on the floor after the use.

With the above general properties the disinfectants are used in a varied places, namely, Domestic or Household, Public toilets, Cinema Halls, Hospitals, Offices, Animal Houses, Poultry Farms, Industry. Practically every place where human and animals dwell, Phenyle is used to keep the surroundings clean hygienic and free from bacterial contamination and at hospitals to avoid cross contamination or nosocomial infection, to arrest the spread of epidemics. In poultry farm or hatchery incoming vehicle’s wheels and feet of personnel are washed (foot wash) to prevent bacterial attack from outside agencies.

Different Grades and different proportions (Phenyle to water) are recommended according to the place of use. For example, in domestic use Grade 3, RWC 5, Disinfectant (Phenyle) can be used in a ratio of 1:400 that is 10 ml Phenyle in 4 litres of water. Attached toilets at offices and houses perfumed Phenyle can be used where as in highly frequented places such as a cinema hall toilets Grade 2, RWC 10 with a dilution ratio of 1:100 can be used and at poultry farms and places where Human urine, blood and sputum are accumulated or organic substances are stored Grade 1, RWC 18 Disinfectant can be used in a 1:100 ratio.

The black disinfectant fluid (Phenyle) should be generally used only after a through soap or water cleaning of the place and the Phenyle solution should be sprayed/ sprinkled along the walls and left there for it to react or come in contact with the place. It should not be immediately washed off as this renders it ineffective.

The white disinfectant fluids are also soluble in sea water and are developed keeping in view their use at sea and sea shores where hardwater or seawater is only available. A list of application is given along.