CAS  NO.   :   105-69-9

DESCRIPTION & USES   :   CHLOROXYLENOL (CHLORINATED XYLENOLS) is   a    liquid germicidal base and used as a powerful booster for black and white  Disinfectant fluids and specially formulated Antiseptics.


 Appearance  :   Light Amber Liquid

Odour   :   Typical of a Chlorinated Phenol

Specific Gravity    :   1.14  to  1.20  at   20o C

DISTILLATION RANGE  :   90%  between 220o C   and  270o C  at  NTP.

GERMICIDAL VALUE    :   RWC of Chloroxylenol method adopted as per IS No.1061:1997 using the composition: 5ml    Chloroxylenol, 95ml  25% Castor Oil Saponified Solution,  Calculated  for  100%  is  minimum  180

N O T E  :

Information given in this leaflet is based on our general experience but due to many variable factors beyond our control, we do not guarantee the results in formulations adopted by users.  Users are informed that they should evaluate in their formulation as per their requirement.  We recommend to test every batch before use.